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Accelerating Bitcoin Cash Adoption with a $BCH Based Basic Income Cryptocurrency

Accelerating Bitcoin Cash adoption with a basic income cryptocurrency might be quite possible and fruitful. A universal basic income is an idea which includes distributing someone amount of currency/money/cash to every individual regardless of their income. A national or state government could implement this theoretical. Some states sort of have, like with their Alaska Permanent Fund oil dividend. What KYC exchange may help to implement a cryptocurrency universal basic income (crypto UBI) using a nonprofit…

Starting a Business Relating to Bitcoin Cash in Sierra Leone?

Is an economic possibility to help onboard merchants to accept Bitcoin Cash in Sierra Leone in a mutual beneficial and profitable way? Have any crypto interested investors thought of somehow funding or incentivizing the onboarding of business and consumers to use and accept Bitcoin Cash in developing nations? Many economically developing nations can benefit from cryptocurrencies. What sort of business might you start with Bitcoin Cash? How can SmartBCH be utilized to advance business interests?…

Bitcoin Cash and SmartBCH

Bitcoin Cash and SmartBCH have lots of potential. SmartBCH will enable smart contracts using Bitcoin Cash as gas. Ethereum is an interesting cryptocurrency. Transaction fees for Ethereum have been too high relatively recently though. SmartBCH has the potential to enable Web3, like Ethereum, but with lower transaction fees effectively. Cryptocurrencies have the potential to decentralize banks, effectively. Bitcoin Cash is one of the best cryptocurrencies because transaction fees remain low and it already has a decent network…