Bitcoin Cash and SmartBCH

Bitcoin Cash and SmartBCH have lots of potential. SmartBCH will enable smart contracts using Bitcoin Cash as gas. Ethereum is an interesting cryptocurrency. Transaction fees for Ethereum have been too high relatively recently though. SmartBCH has the potential to enable Web3, like Ethereum, but with lower transaction fees effectively. Cryptocurrencies have the potential to decentralize banks, effectively.

Bitcoin Cash is one of the best cryptocurrencies because transaction fees remain low and it already has a decent network effect going for it. Bitcoin Cash has the potential to effectively bank the unbanked all over Earth. Hopefully Bitcoin Cash usage will increase all over Earth. Smart contracts can enable decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO’s). What types of decentralized applications might you like to see built on SmartBCH?

Hopefully more humans will start utilizing cryptocurrencies to sidestep the disadvantages that fiat currencies have. Irresponsible governments print money in ways that devalue fiat currencies sometimes. Inflation can be a consequences with problematic outcomes.

Cryptocurrencies can be deflationary. Hopefully more humans will realize the advantages that cryptocurrencies offer. Cryptocurrencies have the potential to help reduce poverty on Earth. Perhaps all humans can live lives of abundance! Maybe SmartBCH can help more humans to live lives of abundance and prosperity.

SmartBCH can help to enable the creation of more decentralized autonomous organizations. For every existing business model, perhaps we can ask ourselves, “How can we transform this business model into one or more DAO’s? How can we decentralize this business model using cryptocurrencies and smart contracts?”. Hopefully more humans will learn how to program smart contracts. Although Wyoming is a good start, hopefully more jurisdictions will create legal frameworks to enable DAO’s.

Decentralization has the potential to reduce the amount of gatekeepers that exist. SmartBCH and Bitcoin Cash can help to enable this reality perhaps. Hopefully we can live in a more inclusive and abundant society. SmartBCH and Bitcoin Cash have the potential to help unleash a rather interesting future.